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Massage Therapy for Shoulder/Arm Pain
Our very own Beth Barberree presented the findings of a study conducted right here at Massage at the Club from 2010-2011 during the International Massage Therapy Research Conference in Boston in April 2012.

Patients received regular massage therapy care for management of shoulder/arm pain. After even one visit, MT had significant effect on pain levels, the most impact occurred with a series of visits. Stable or improved sleep and decreased pain medication was reported by most patients and they felt generally better following MT.

Please feel free to contact Beth directly at if you’re interested in seeing the full abstract, complete with methodology and data analysis. Sincere thanks to those of you who were generous with your time as participants!

Massage Therapy for Hypertension

Beth Barberree also contributed to this study showing massage therapy's significant positive impact on blood pressure. Please feel free again to contact Beth directly for the full abstract.  

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