Massage at the Club

Peri and Post-Natal Massage Therapy

Melissa Ganzer is our peri and post-natal expert. She completed an intensive Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education course in 2013, and has since found a passion in providing women support in their journey towards motherhood.

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Pregnancy

- Relieves stress & promotes relaxation 

- Increase circulation of blood and lymph 

- Relieves muscle spasm, cramping, and discomfort

With my continued education I have gained confidence in my knowledge of 

 - positioning for clients on the table 1st-3rd trimester

 - changes in anatomy, physiology and postural changes during pregnancy

 - self-care strategies to help deal with pregnancy symptoms 

 - treatment of post-natal complications - diastasis Recti, muscular imbalances etc.

High Risk / Concerns

 - Massage therapy can safely be applied to any woman in a high risk pregnancy provided it is done    with a full knowledge of the clients health history. Communication is key! 

 -Treatment modifications can be used in many situations to ease discomfort 

Ex: High blood Pressure, Pre-Eclampsia, Leg Cramping, edema, varicose veins,