To provide professional, effective massage therapy care focused on outcomes identified collaboratively with our patients.






Massage at the Club is the go to for professional, effective soft tissue care in NW Calgary.


  • Collaborative practice
  • Respectful relations
  • Continual improvement [growth]
  • Community engagement
  • Life-long learning
  • Evidence based care

Patient Testimonials



"I did not know how debilitating living with chronic pain could be. As an athlete, my chronic neck pain prohibited me from doing any activity for 2 years. I tried every possible therapy out there...Almost immediately after starting treatment with Beth I noticed an improvement, and less then a year later I have gone for an entire month without any pain. I have never met a therapist who knows as much about the human body as Beth does. THANK YOU BETH for giving me my life back!!!" - Leona Faller "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Graston massage I am getting from your facility. Emily has done a fantastic job of dealing with my shoulder issues. She is pleasant and totally professional. She always checks my pain tolerance and always provides a clear explanation when I question why some areas hurt more than others. The facility  and it's staff all seem to do a good job. I would definitely recommend friends to come to Massage at the Club. Keep up the great work" S.S "I visit the Massage at the Club regularly to maintain my health. The therapists there are skilled at what they do and are always helpful and friendly. The online booking system is quick and convenient to use... All this makes for a relaxing and stress-free experience!"  H.D. "Beth is unmatched in her ability to zero in on the source of muscle distress, her knowledge of massage therapy and her dedication to helping her patients recover function. Her treatments helped me recover from injuries incurred in an auto accident and the self-inflicted misadventures incurred by an aging, overactive, underfit man. Her caring attentions make my life a little better."  - Joe Boivin                   

"This was the best massage I have ever received, and I’ve had lots. I went in for a tension headache and Melissa was amazing." - Greg King

"Just had an amazing therapy! Thank you Darren! The best massage I've had!"

"(Melissa's) therapy is not only exceptional, meticulous and very attentive; it is also combined with natural charm and humor as well as ability to treat people in a very pleasant way!" K.P. "Melissa was extremely helpful and took an interest in my athletics and life and how she could help me as a massage therapist." - N.P.

Our Hygienic Environment

At the Massage at the Club we are committed to keeping a clean and sanitized atmosphere for our clients and our therapists. We understand the importance of stopping the spread of viruses and germs so anyone visiting can be assured that we are taking appropriate precautions.

We use a hospital grade sanitizer on all surfaces that both the patient and therapist might come into contact with. These include, but are not limited, to door handles, light switches, oil bottles, table surfaces, face cradles and arm rests.

We encourage any patient or therapist that is feeling ill to stay home until they are feeling better.  As well all therapists adhere to recommended hand washing protocols before and after every treatment.

Current Research

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Massage Therapy for Shoulder/Arm Pain
Our very own Beth Barberree presented the findings of a study conducted right here at Massage at the Club from 2010-2011 during the International Massage Therapy Research Conference in Boston in April 2012.

Patients received regular massage therapy care for management of shoulder/arm pain. After even one visit, MT had significant effect on pain levels, the most impact occurred with a series of visits. Stable or improved sleep and decreased pain medication was reported by most patients and they felt generally better following MT.

Please feel free to contact Beth directly at beth@massageattheclub.com if you’re interested in seeing the full abstract, complete with methodology and data analysis. Sincere thanks to those of you who were generous with your time as participants!

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