Massage at the Club


Emily Walton, RMT, FRCms, GT Specialist

Clinical Director, Owner

Certified FRC Mobility Specialist
Functional Range Release Practitioner - Upper Body
Graston Specialist
Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment 
Concussion Therapy
Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques
Cyriax Frictions with Dr. Salami 
Cadaver Lab Anatomy Study

Emily is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist with a 3000-hour diploma.

Emily believes in the restorative potential of the human body in its response to soft tissue release and postural alignment. She views her clients as individuals, thus recognizing that each body is unique. As a result Emily integrates a variety of therapeutic techniques into her practice such as deep tissue, functional range release, and Graston Technique to assist her clients with symptom reduction and recovery to optimal function. 

Along with helping her clients return from acute and chronic injuries, Emily's approach to therapy is to look at more than just the tissue at hand, with her goal being to identify and treat the root cause of her patients discomfort. Her certification in Functional Range Conditioning - a system of mobility training based on scientific principles and research, combined with her knowledge of rehabilitative exercise helps her to allow you to reach your optimal range of motion and treatment outcomes faster. 

Emily is a personable, professional, dedicated therapist who is passionate about massage therapy and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to de-stress. eliminate pain or increase your strength and mobility, Emily is looking forward to working with you in a safe, comfortable and caring environment.